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Found 50 results

  1. Batipuma53

    Comunidad Hispanohablante

    A principios del 2019
  2. murat_071905

    12G Download Today

    Selam umarım bu hafta sonu kapalı Beta giriş olur. 12 GB indirdim.
  3. Marc Kuhn

    Wie löse ich den Code ein?

    Wie kann ich den 12 stelligen Code einlösen?
  4. electronaut1976

    [DE] Diskussion zum Spiel

    9 gegen 9 statt 12 gegen 12 und nur 7 statt 10 tech trees? Ich hoffe doch das ändert sich noch ansonsten behaltet eure - EDIT - ...
  5. Promised_DeathYT

    First Beta Weekend in Numbers

    Very interesting numbers thanks for keeping us updated .... congratulations too all that played and participated in this test and thankyou to the development/admin team for all your amazing work ....roll on 2019
  6. WroughtIronPain

    The NO Boat

    Just noticed the homepage banner no longer says. “Epic battles to begin this year”. Is the Legends not expected to release until 2019?
  7. Calling all Legends! Prepare for some naval shenanigans by signing up to participate in World of Warships: Legends' first Closed Beta weekend! Just head to http://wowslegends.com to sign up for a chance to try out the game on December 21-23, and to receive special rewards when the game is released in 2019. Sign up today and turn the tide! Check out the trailer:
  8. Ruthless4u

    Beta weekend FAQ

    On the PC forum I believe early 2019 for CV's there. I think it depends on if console is working with PC simultaneously or they have to wait until PC finishes then console has to start. Plus they may need to test CV's before console release.
  9. Sparrowhawk1970

    PS4 update 1.06?

    I have a pending update (12GB) for the game? I don't want to download unless I need it for the next test or for the actual game. My reason being I play off my hot spot and 12 GB will wipe me out for the month. Please advise...
  10. Calypso

    First Beta Weekend in Numbers

    Salut! Malheureusement laccès aux tests est limité. Pas tout le monde qui a enregistré reçu l'accès cette fois-ci. Mais restez à l'écoute pour la prochaine annonce de la Beta Wreekend en 2019 ☺️
  11. BallyBag

    Intro FAQ

    Questions:- 1) Division locked at 3 maximum same as PC? 2) Are the games standard 12 vs 12 ? 3) Will Clan's / Clan battles be available? If so are benefits identical to PC ( clan port ) 4) Will there be the container earning system in place / combat missions / scenarios to complete for consumables, signals, experience etc? 5) Are the ship camouflages for higher tier ships time based like wow blitz or will permanent be available to purchase with doubloons?
  12. thorsten trick

    Wie löse ich den Code ein?

    Moin Ich sehe das nicht nur ich das gleiche Problem habe, mit dem 12 Stellingen Code für die Xbox. Hoffe WG reagiert bald darauf, wäre schon schön am WE spielen zu können
  13. Solem wolven

    What a dreadnought could do

    I want to play so bad but gotta wait til 2019 sigh I wanna play in destroyers
  14. Momowala

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Normalerweise ist es nicht sonderlich problematisch auf deutsch zu schreiben, es gibt doch einige deutschsprachige hier, uA T33kanne der sich um die deutsche Com kümmert und Phil, der schon bewiesen hat dass sein deutsch ziemlich gut ist, von offizieller Seite. Ansonsten kannst du auch jederzeit in der deutschen Community vorbei schauen, da bekommt man für gewöhnlich auch immer ne Antwort.
  15. 13Ninjas

    English Speaking Community

    🎄🎅 Legends: Closed Beta Weekend! Begins 🎅🎄 Calling all Legends!Prepare for some naval shenanigans by signing up to participate in World of Warships: Legends' first Closed Beta weekend! Just head to http://wowslegends.com to sign up for a chance to try out the game on December 21-23, and to receive special rewards when the game is released in 2019.Sign up today HERE and turn the tide! (Current signed up Legends need not apply)
  16. Chilischotte

    Wie löse ich den Code ein?

    Das selbe bei mir, zwei Emails bekommen, beides sind die 12 stelligen PS4 Codes. Da ich noch nie eine PS hatte, immer eine XBox, werde ich dies auch nicht in der Registration eingegeben haben. Seltsam ist nur, dass Playstation in meinem Account zu sehen ist und darunter Microsoft. Im Unterpunkt Playstation ein Link zur Aktivierung des Codes ist, jedoch nicht in Microsoft.
  17. Fabei96

    Wie löse ich den Code ein?

    Ich hab das selbe Problem Ich hab 2 E-Mails erhalten, einmal für Xbox einmal für PS4, allerdings sind in beiden Mails der gleiche (12 stellige) Code welcher wohl bei der PS4 funktionieren würde aber definitiv nicht für die Xbox funktionieren kann da die Xbox nur 25 stellige Codes nimmt (5x5) Und ich habe mich definitiv für die Xbox angemeldet (und habe nicht einmal einen PS4 Account)
  18. BrogueOne

    Any news when Beta begins?

    Full release of the game is sometime in 2019. I wouldn’t expect open Beta until we’re within 2 months of release. Maybe this will help:
  19. Redlandsguy

    [EN] General Discussion

    Well I had the chance to download this game in the morning and have played 12 games so far. I have this game on pc and I'm impressed with how you guys have made the move to ps4. I love playing WOT and now I'll be playing WOWS on ps4 as well. So far my friend and I have been able to platoon up and play Standard matches which have been great so far. I know this is a beta and I have no major complaints as of yet. The only one will be the tech tree, seems very limited and forces you to play ships I'm not to interested in. The game looks and feels great. Keep up the good work and I'll keep playing until the end of beta. I can't wait for full release.
  20. Nagato is my Waifu

    IJN Battleships

    So for anyone wondering what the IJN battleship line looked like in a historical sense, here's the complete list World of warshipsIJN battleshipsFuji class 1884-1897 12 inch gunsFuji completed Yashima completedShikishima class 1898-190112 inch guns Shikishima completedHatsuse completedMikasa classMikasa 1899-19004x 12 inch guns + 14x 6 inch guns over 15,000 displacement and 18 knots top speedKatori class 1904-1906 12 inch guns Katori completedKashima completedSatsuma class 1905-191112 inch guns Satsuma completed Aki completedKawachi Class 1909-1912 12 inch guns Kawachi completed Settsu completedKongo Class 1911-1913 Technically they were Battlecruisers but later modernised into Battleships so I've added them in14 inch guns Kongo completedHiei completedKirishima completed Haruna completed 2x Fuso Class 1912-1917Mounting 12x 14 inch guns Max speed 23 knots12 inch armoured belt Fuso completedYamashiro completed2x Ise Class 1915-191814 inch gunsIse completedHyuga completed 2x Nagato Class 1917-18 16 inch gunsNagato completedMutsu completed 2x Tosa Class 1920-1922 16 inch guns Tosa hull completed scrapped in accordance with Washington Treaty used for testing of armour effectiveness Kaga completed converted into aircraft carrier instead of Amagi Amagi class 1920-192416 inch guns Akagi completed later converted to aircraft carrier Amagi completed but scrapped due to damage from Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923Atago hull was completed but scrapped due to contract being cancelled Takao hull was completed but scrapped after being cancelled 4x Kii class 1921-1924 Kii completed but scrapped in 1924 in accordance with Washington Treaty Owari completed but scrapped in 1924 No 11 and 12 cancelled in 1923No 13 Class 1922Displacement expected to be 47,500 tons Armed with 8x 18 inch gunsCancelled 4x Yamato Class 1937-19409x 18 inch gunsDisplacement 71,000 tons Yamato completed Musashi completedShinano completed later converted to aircraft carrier Fourth laid down construction abandoned
  21. Wraith Calling

    Initial first thoughts

    PART III 11. Upgrades (again) - The choice to decide which upgrades to purchase would be nice. Do I want an engine upgrade, gun upgrade or torp upgrade? The whole upgrade system seems like a copy/paste of Blitz, I understand the need for that one to be so simplified it's for a mobile device, but so far I'm rather disappointed with it. It is even LESS COMPLICATED than the Blitz.. how did you manage that? The cost in XPs seems random? What's the deciding factor on how much XP an upgrade costs? 12. Captains - While this is completely different from PC, I do like it. It is taking some getting used to though. The choices in skill and the way the skills can be improved I think is interesting. Also the fact that you can change around your skills without spending gold to do it (looking at you PC) is a good thing, and hopefully that stays.
  22. DerZipfel

    WoWS submarine gameplay, will console or PC get subs?

    I like the introduction of the u-boats and hope they will makte it into PvP in 2019. The current game meta is stuck after the years with all the smoke, radar and hydro ships now sailing around, so i think a complete new class will bring new game mechanics and strategies into the game and fresh up the game a lot. I play Destroyer as main class so i'm sure the u-boats will fit my playstyle
  23. Ruthless4u

    Intro FAQ

    Carriers will be included once the rework is complete. Might be a good idea to amend the first sentance, some may gett He wrong impression. To qoute the OP Q. PC version has aircraft carriers as the fourth class, why don't we have them here? Aircraft carriers are currently preparing to go through an overhaul which will change their gameplay completely. To avoid any confusion with switching styles we plan to add the carriers complete with their new gameplay somewhere in 2019. 
  24. 5D_kitakami

    First batch of codes has been distributed!

    yep not rdy for vr yelt im saying 2019-2020 next big for vr is coming hopefully no Sao death game happens with vr?.
  25. supertager

    Intro FAQ

    If just like to say I’ve have just discovered this and I am very excited that wows is coming to Xbox because I played the pc version on an underpowered laptop that could fry eggs and thoroughly enjoyed the game even on very low graphic settings I made all the way to t5 battleships before I thought it would be best to keep the laptop in a solid state anyway keep up the hard work and I can’t wait for the release. 2019 here we come