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Through the Spy Glass: Atlântico


Atlântico is here to open the range of Pan-American ships (wink-wink!). Let's take a closer look at her, both history- and gameplay-wise. Make sure to grab the returning Brazilian flags with the code K6C4WU12HE at https://wowslegends.com/code-redeemer/.

Atlântico is a battleship that could have been built in Great Britain according to the wishes of Brazilian Navy High Command had history turned out differently. In reality, Agincourt was the ship that was actually built for Brazil instead. However, Atlântico differs from her lower-tier peer by her artillery setup: She sports ten 15-inch (381 mm) guns housed in five twin-gun turrets, compared with Agincourt's fourteen 12-inch (305 mm) guns. Atlântico’s very powerful secondaries are close to the guns that can be found on Lord Nelson-class ships.

VII Atlântico EN-min.png

Atlântico comes equipped with secondary armament comprising sixteen 9.2-inch (234 mm) guns and ten 5-inch (127 mm) guns… And yes, you read that right, sixteen 9.2-inch guns! In addition to her impressive secondary battery armament, Atlântico is equipped with equally devastating main battery armament comprising ten 15-inch (381 mm) guns. This combination results in a potent brawler that has intimidating close-range efficiency, so we’ll build on these strengths in our suggested Commander build.

Pedro Lima Santos EN-min.png

The only Commander who will be available for Atlântico on her release will be the base Commander for Pan-America: Pedro Lima Santos with his Multitool base trait, which increases the damage dealt by your ship’s main battery, secondary battery, torpedoes, and aircraft.

We'll set him up with a concealment/brawler build that allows you to comfortably navigate around the map, carefully select your targets, and get into your effective secondary engagement range. This build excels at securing objectives, creating an intimidating area of denial, and pressuring specific targets of interest.

  • Burn It Down XXL, increasing the chances of your HE shells causing fire. This skill affects both your main battery and secondaries.
  • Look at Me Now, further reducing your maximum detectability range by sea.
  • Velocious, increasing your ship’s maximum movement speed.
  • Reaching Out XXL, increasing your main battery range.
  • Will to Rebuild, for overall improvements to the survivability of the ship, improved HP recovery with the Repair Party consumable, and health recovery when below 20% total health and within proximity of a teammate.

Regarding inspirations, our suggestions are:

  • Franz von Hipper with his Elbowroom base trait that improves secondary gun range and shell grouping.
  • Nobutake Kondō with his Covert base trait, improving your battleship’s concealment.

Get closer to the enemy with Atlântico, and turn the tide!

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