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Azur Lane Returns!

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Commanders! Since August, you've been asking us relentlessly whether the Azur Lane ladies are going to make a return. We're happy to say that they are! Albeit with a new team of characters.

You'll have a choice of several Commanders with unique skills and voiceovers, as well as ships and Skins. The Azur Lane content will be available from November 30 until December 21. 

You’ll find that three of the ships are copies of existing researchable ships, but with special Skins and Premium bonuses activated. When it comes to Commander skills and traits, we've tried to come up with relatively new concepts, as well as make them somewhat situational (Cover Fire, Torpedo Launch, APsolute Ammunition). Just like before, the ship Skins are mostly based on Commander designs that are of course Azur Lane originals. Their voiceovers also carry over from the mobile game.

You can purchase the Commanders, ships, and Skins individually, or go all out and get the big pack. The Commanders can also be found in containers, and they reroll until you have all the unique characters. 

These are the newcomers:

  • Fusou: a Commander and Premium version of battleship Fusō
    • Commander abilities:
      • Cover Fire (base trait): increases the fire-starting chances of your battleship's shells (by 0.15% per rank, up to 3%).
      • Battle Spirit (skill): increases your ship’s maximum HP (by 2% to 8%) and reduces the damage taken by your battleship (by –2% to –8% -5%).


  • Queen Elizabeth: a Commander and Premium version of battleship Queen Elizabeth.
    • Commander abilities:
      • Queen's Orders (base trait): improves the battleship’s main gun reload time and shell grouping, as well as the damage of her AP shells (by 0.1% per rank, up to 2%).
      • Sky Watch (skill): increases the duration of Spotter (by 10% to 30%) and adds charges for the consumable (one charge at ranks 1–3, two charges at rank 4).


  • Baltimore: a Commander and Premium version of cruiser Baltimore
    • Commander abilities:
      • Adaptive Tactics (base trait): decreases the rudder-shift time (by 0.3% per rank, up to 6%).
      • APsolute Ammunition (skill): reduces the fuse timer of shells (by –10% to –40%) and improves their penetration (by 2% to 7%).


  • Graf Spee: a Commander and Permanent Camouflage for cruiser Graf Spee.
    • Commander abilities:
      • Pocket Battleship (base trait): increases the amount of HP restored by Repair Party (by 0.3% per rank, up to 6%).
      • Ghost (skill): improves your cruiser's concealment against ships (by –2% to –8%) and planes (by –5% to –20%).


  • Scharnhorst: a Commander and Permanent Camouflage for battleship Scharnhorst
    • Commander abilities:
      • Sniper (base trait): decreases the maximum dispersion radius of shells fired your (battleship's) ships main guns (by 0.2% per rank, up to 4%).
      • Torpedo Launch (skill): improves your torpedoes' range (by 3% to 12%) and speed (by 2 to 5 knots)


Important note: Azur Lane Fusou, Azur Lane Queen Elizabeth, and Azur Lane Baltimore have the same stats as their regular versions, but have special Permanent Camouflages plus Premium bonuses that are applied to their earnings. They are incompatible with any Permanent Camouflage/Skins you may have for their regular versions. 

A reminder: if you wish to toggle the voiceovers on or off, you need to set your voiceover mod to “common” and enable Azur Lane in the customization settings. We hope you like the new content!

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