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Supply Shipment: Black Waters Rise

Captains, your "everything-you-can-get" guide is back! Let's take a look at what's in store for you this update.

Black Friday Wheeling & Dealing


We've already revealed what this year's Black Friday is all about here, with new black ships at the front and center of it all. However, we want to highlight the following three things:

  • 1x Black Friday '23 crate for free, available throughout the update
  • A set of three coupons (each providing 30% off select Tier V, VI, and VII ships, respectively), available throughout the update
  • Another set of a variety of coupons that will reward you with doubloons for purchasing other doubloon bundles, available from November 24

Pirates Return!

1200 pirate.jpg

Pirate Cap'ns—Michel Le Tir and Ariadne M. Davies—return aboard their trusty ships Caprice and La Foudre, starting December 1. It's the perfect chance to get them if they sailed past you last year. This time, you'll have more time to do so—the content will be available up until January 15, when the first update of the 2024 is set to release. You should note that Caprice or La Foudre are the only ships that can be used to fulfill the mission that rewards the Jolly Roger flag! 

As all pirates love themselves some free stuff, they are also bringing a special haul of bounty—1x Treasure Chest '23 to grab for no cost! 

Zaō Bureau Project 


Along with our piratey friends, coveted Zaō with her 20 long-lance torpedoes and solid ability to deal damage arrives on December 1. To get her, you'll have to complete a dedicated Bureau Project that you can unlock in the Store for either credits or doubloons. With the arrival of the next update on January 15, only the credit option will remain in place. 

Flandre Makes a Comeback

Flandre 1200.jpg

The powerful French battleship—former star of the "Le Lion Flamand" campaign—is back, and she's been buffed! She's armed with nine large-caliber and accurate main battery guns and equipped with Engine Boost. The buffs are as follows:

  • Main battery reload time reduced from 32 to 30.5 s
  • Secondary battery dispersion improved by 32.5% (bringing her secondary battery accuracy almost to the same level as German alternative battleships like Zieten)
  • Secondary battery 100 mm gun fire-setting chances increased from 5 to 7%

You can get her in the Store for either Global XP or doubloons.

Platform Bundles


You can get the following bundles from your platform stores:

For free (PlayStation Captains can get it with the PS+ subscription active)—the Commander's Delight set, from November 16 through December 21:

  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • 1x Insignia
  • 6x Promotion Orders
  • 25x Shadow camouflages
  • 25x Type 4 camouflages
  • 25x Type 3 camouflages
  • 25x Rare Battle Boosters


Bonus subscription for Xbox players, automatically renewing around every 30 days. You can cancel it anytime.

  • 2,750 doubloons
  • 30 days of Premium Account
  • 20x Rare Battle Boosters
  • 20x Rare Credit Boosters
  • 20x Rare Commander XP Boosters
  • 20x Rare Ship XP Boosters
  • 20x Rare Global XP Boosters

Steady Reinforcement 3 bundle for PlayStation players, from November 6 through December 4, when it makes way for Steady Reinforcement 4 with the same goods listed above inside it. Steady Reinforcement sets are one-time purchases.

Grab what you like, and turn the tide! 

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