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May Update: Gold and Crimson

    May Update: Gold and Crimson 


    Ahoy, Captains! Prepare to set sail for the May update, which brings you tons of new content to navigate. But first, stock up on supplies for upcoming battles using the code W2D4M2RGJT to get 1x Spring Big Crate, 5x Regia Marina camouflages, and 5x Golden Week camouflages.

    Here's a quick outline of the features you'll find in this update: 

    • Eastern Horizons campaign featuring Pan-Asian Tier VIII destroyer Lüshun
    • Roman Empire event
    • New Japanese cruiser line arriving in the Tech Tree
    • Golden Week '24
    • New Bureau Project: Italian Legendary cruiser Venezia
    • New Brawl & Ranked seasons
    • Updated Cross-Benefit program
    • Balance changes 

    Eastern Horizons Campaign 


    Pan-Asian Tier VIII destroyer Lüshun is the highlight of our new 4-week campaign featuring 80 milestones. Designed as the result of a collaboration between Chinese and Soviet engineers, this hypothetical warship has exceptional damage output and top-tier ballistics. Just like in previous updates, you have the option to complete the missions of this campaign in both Versus AI mode and Standard Battles. Let's explore the rewards that are waiting for you: 

    Eastern_Horizons_Infographic_Update-6.3_EN_1920x1080_WG_BG_WoWsL (1).jpg

    Available rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 

    • 40x Common Boosters   
    • 6x Air Dragon camouflages 
    • 6x Golden Week camouflages 
    • 350,000 Research Points 
    • 7,500 Global XP 
    • 100,000 Commander XP  
    • 500,000 credits  
    • 13x Promotion Orders  
    • 1x Insignia
    • 1x Commendation  
    • 5 days of Premium Account  
    • 2x Spring Big Crates 
    • 1x Golden Week '24 crate 
    • 1x Pan-Asian Commander crate 
    • 1x Lüshun patch base 
    • 1x Lüshun patch symbol 

    Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 13,473 doubloons 

    Additional rewards with the Admiralty Backing (2,500 doubloons): 

    • 40x Rare Boosters   
    • 8x Air Dragon camouflages 
    • 10x Golden Week camouflages 
    • 1,400,000 Research Points 
    • 27,500 Global XP 
    • 200,000 Commander XP  
    • 1,450,000 credits  
    • 750 doubloons 
    • 17x Promotion Orders  
    • 4x Insignia
    • 4x Commendations  
    • 5x Spring Big Crates 
    • 2x Golden Week '24 crates 
    • 1x Lüshun flag 
    • 1x Admiralty Backing special weekly mission, rewarding Renown Points 
    • Pan-Asian Tier VIII Premium destroyer Lüshun 

    Total value of the rewards with the Admiralty Backing: 67,775 doubloons 

    Roman Empire Event 


    It's time to think about the Roman Empire! Complete the event missions to earn shiny Denarii, then exchange them for Italian Tier VIII battleship Centurion, epic-looking ship skins, a Roman gladiatrix Commander guise, and more Roman Empire-themed goods. On top of that, we've created a gorgeous new Port for your warships. Also, don't miss out on new Italian Tier VI cruiser Francesco Ferruccio—you can find her in the Italian Triumph random bundle, now available both for console and mobile players.

    The Roman Empire missions work as follows: you can complete the first mission available to everyone and earn your first Denarii. Use this event currency to obtain special bundles containing in-game items and granting access to further missions that lead to more rewards. You can learn more in the upcoming dedicated article.

    New Japanese Cruiser Tech Tree Line 

    In this update, the new Tech Tree line of Japanese light cruisers from Tier IV to Tier VIII has become fully available:  

    • Tier IV cruiser Agano 
    • Tier V cruiser Gokase 
    • Tier VI cruiser Omono 
    • Tier VII cruiser Shimanto 
    • Tier VIII cruiser Takahashi

    You can receive a special skin for Takahashi by completing a dedicated mission while sailing a specific Japanese cruiser from the new line (see the conditions for each mission step).

    We described each of the new ships in a dedicated article when they were still in Early Access, and now you can research them via the Tech Tree. Take them into battle and enjoy a new experience while experimenting with your playstyle! 

    Golden Week '24


    Complete a series of missions during Golden Week to receive rewards and the final prize—a Golden Week '24 crate which can drop Japanese Tier III–VI ships: Iwaki, Hyūga, Asashio, and Maya, as well as festive permanent camouflages and skins. Also, don't forget to check out the Store during this event for plenty of interesting offers, including a new skin for Maya and a new Commander guise—Masaru Tadamatsu. 

    Brawl & Ranked: Four Seasons 

    During this update, you'll get to enjoy two seasons of Brawl and two of Ranked Battles. Brawl Seasons 17 and 18 are set to take place in the period from April 29 through May 13, each lasting one week. As for Ranked Battles, Seasons 54 and 55 await you from May 14 through 27. As always, these four competitive seasons will bring you juicy rewards. Stay tuned for dedicated articles!

    New Bureau Project: Italian Legendary Cruiser Venezia 


    This update introduces a free new Bureau Project: Italian Legendary cruiser Venezia! This heavy cruiser represents the pinnacle of Italian shipbuilding achievements during the early 1940s. With her fifteen 8-inch (203 mm) caliber guns, high speed, and strong armor, she will prove to be a reliable ally in navigating intense battles. 

    The Cross-Benefit Program Is Back! 

    Once again, we're launching our Cross-Benefit program, bringing you rewards for playing both World of Warships (PC) and World of Warships: Legends. This time, we've simplified the process—you don't need to choose which account to play on and which to receive rewards on. Just link your accounts, play either game, and get rewards in the other game automatically. This is a perfect opportunity to explore our universe on another platform and enjoy a fresh experience along with bountiful prizes!

    Keep an eye out for an upcoming article dedicated to the new Cross-Benefit program to learn more.

    Balance Changes 

    This update brings adjustments to several ships:

    • Buffs to Montana 
    • Buffs to Großer Kurfürst
    • Buffs to Marco Polo
    • Buffs to Königsberg
    • Nerfs to Dallas 
    • A few changes to Helena

    We've also buffed the "Properly Meticulous" Commander skill and nerfed the "Master Mechanic" skill a bit.

    Just like in the previous update, we've tweaked the spawn points on several maps to improve players' experience at the beginning of each battle.

    For more details, check out the Ministry of Balance article, where all the changes are described in detail.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    All platforms

    • Fixed the camera passing through the mast on Öland.
    • Fixed an issue causing the player's ship to blink when entering Spectator mode.
    • Fixed an issue that led to damage from citadel hits, torpedoes, ramming, flooding, and fires being counted beyond the ship's remaining HP, and sometimes caused devastating strikes to be wrongfully awarded.
    • Fixed an issue allowing Mysore to equip Propulsion Mod 1. If you had this equipped, it has been dismounted for free, and you may now use it on a different ship.
    • Fixed sound disappearing when switching between players and missions after battles.
    • Fixed occasional background jitter.


    • The main indicator for ship position now moves smoothly.


    • Enhanced modal windows used for managing ship upgrades and modifications.
    • Player profile widget now opens properly while waiting for battle in a Division.
    • Fixed minor UI issues in the Port and Store.
    • Fixed issues with the Daily Rewards window for mobile users with an unusual aspect ratio.


    Stellar Chips from the Planet Clash event are no longer in use, but don't worry—we've rewarded you with 1,500 credits for each Stellar Chip you had!

    Get ready for epic battles, and turn the tide!


    Maintenance times

    • Xbox: April 29, 1:00 – 4:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC 
    • PlayStation: April 29, 1:00 – 4:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC
    • iOS: April 29, 1:00 – 4:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC
    • Android: April 29, 1:00 – 4:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC

    Update size

    • Xbox One (S/X) ~8,000 MB
    • Xbox Series S/X ~8,000 MB
    • PS4 ~8,000 MB
    • PS5 ~1,000 MB
    • iOS ~1,000 MB + ~1,160 MB
    • Android ~1,000 MB + ~1,640 MB

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