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    Dear legends! The codes for the first group have been distributed and we're prepared to start our first focus session! Follow our news and don't miss our announcements about future sendouts! If you're an alpha tester already, please see the pertinent section of the forum for further info. If you're in the test and haven't been assigned your role, Discord would be the quickest way to redeem that: https://discord.gg/m8qVMbS. Ping either Philigula#2914 or RadarX#2796, if both are MiA - ask our trusty moderators!
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    @LadyTanker they have not given us a time requirement
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    I still play arty, but avoid saying so on the forum. The haters get way too excited. That forum has gotten extremely toxic, ask for advice and prepare for 75% of the answers to be insults for not knowing the answer to the question your asking. So far this forum is what a forum should be.
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    fingers crossed i get one for ps4. ang hi brogue 😉
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    It’s already been done.... your name is blue!
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