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Arena 2.0

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We’re going with yet another iteration of arena battles for the fourth installment of the mode and there are a few important changes that you should know about before plunging in headfirst. 

Perhaps, the most important change is the limit of how many games go towards your leaderboard score. For now it’s going to be 15 best results you get in a day. Once you fill in the quota, the “Battle fatigue” begins. Should go above and beyond and get better games after the initial 15, your improved results would overwrite the worst ones, and if you decide to pace yourself and play just a few games a day, namely, fewer than 15, all of them would be counted towards the leaderboard result. Importantly, you can add to your leaderboard score every day, as long as the season lasts. We’re still basing the leaderboard off of XP values with all available modifiers and winning teams getting the usual extra 50% XP.

Other change of note is that we’re including the so called “arms race” component in the Arena battles. This means that random bonuses will appear on the map at fixed time intervals, so that teams can strengthen themselves and get closer to victory. The bonus areas provide buffs for your whole team and can stack up to 6 times. The available bonuses are:

  • Main guns reload speed, 10% at a single stack, 33% at 6
  • Consumable reload speed, 10% at single stack, 40% at 6
  • Rudder shift speed, 20% at 1 single stack, 60% at 6
  • HP regen, 0.2% per second at single stack, 1.2% at 6

The bonuses spawn in three waves available 12, 80 and 155 seconds after the battle starts and are randomly distributed across the map, but they should always be at similar distances to spawning points of the teams.

Final important change is that we’ve introduced a tie breaker for cases when the battle runs its course. Should the combat extend over the full 15 minutes, the winning team is decided by the amount of ships they destroyed, meaning that if team A has 5 frags and team B has 2, and those are the only teams left afloat, team A would get the win (and 50% extra XP).

Correction: this rule works for ANY team, whether it's afloat or sunk. So if your team is completely out of the competition, but has the most frags, and the timer goes the full 15 minutes, you and your teammates will win and receive the 50% XP bonus.

Otherwise, you’ll be battling for a spot on the leaderboard, so you can end up in a particular percentage bracket and get the associated rewards. Note that your final leaderboard standing is only final at the very last minute of the season on July 12, 2:00 AM Central/7:00 AM UTC.

The remaining rules for this season of Arena battles are:

  • Dates: June 24 – July 12
  • Tier IV ships, so no aircraft carriers
  • Available maps
    • Ring
    • New Dawn
    • Haven

And these are the season rewards, per bracket:

  • Getting anywhere on the leaderboard:
    • 10 Promotion orders, 3 Regular Crates, 500 000 credits
  • Top 90%
    • 10 Promotion orders, 1 Summer Big Crate, 30 000 Commander XP
  • Top 50%
    • 1 Insignia, 1 USN battleships crate, 300 Steel badges
  • Top 25%
    • 20 Promotion orders, 1 Commendation, 500 Steel badges
  • Top 10%
    • 2 Commendations, 2 USN battleships crates, 1000 Steel badges
  • Top 1%
    • 2 Big USN battleships crate, 1000 Doubloons, 1500 Steel badges.

As you can see, more brackets than ever are receiving Steel rewards, so you should be able to get at least some even with a modest investment of time. We wish everyone luck this season and eagerly await your feedback.

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