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Azur Lane wave III


Captains, Azur Lane is back again! New Commanders with a crate to get them from, mighty ships and colorful skins are here—available from February 7 until the update rotation on March 7! Let's find out together what you can get this time.




A solid choice for your American cruisers, further improving their already formidable AA capabilities. No aircraft allowed here! 

Base Trait: Anti-Air Mode

Increase your cruiser's AA gun range by up to 10%.

Unique skill: All-Out Assault

Increase cruiser main battery shell grouping by up to 4% and incoming fire dispersion by up to 10%, and increase incoming damage for your cruiser by 5%.



Make every hit count with this new Commander for Japanese cruisers. She also makes your ships faster and more resistant to enemy fire.

Base Trait: Mizuho's Intuition

Increase maximum cruiser speed and incoming fire dispersion by up to 2% each.

Unique skill: Special Gunnery Training

Increase cruiser main gun AP shell damage by up to 15% and AP shell penetration multiplier by up to 10%, and decrease cruiser main battery shell grouping by 5%.



Move fast and strike undetected with Shoukaku. She's a perfect choice for your Japanese aircraft carriers, including the all-new Tier VII Premium Kaga, which is obtainable through the Bureau.

Base Trait: Swift as the Wind

Increase your carrier's speed by up to 5%.

Unique skill: Crane's Protection

Decrease your bombers’ detectability by up to 10%.



If you like hiding in the shadows and striking undetected, Yukikaze is your choice! She's perfected the skill of attacking from smokes. 

Base Trait: Lucky Shot

Increase your destroyer's average AA damage per second by up to 20%.

Unique skill: Evasive Hunter

Increase incoming fire dispersion and concealment rating while shooting from inside smoke by up to 5% and 10%, respectively.



Avrora is all about multitasking. More damage with both shell types and faster switching is no joke! 

Base Trait: Flexible Threat

Decrease shell-type switching time by up to 20%.

Unique skill: Hammering Strikes

Increase cruiser AP and HE shell damage by up to 10%; decrease cruiser main gun shell grouping by up to 5%.



Littorio is a great Commander for Italian battleships. She brings a significant ship survivability buff to the table—get out there and dish out damage for as long as possible!

Base Trait: Rosa Bombardamento

Decrease the repair time of incapacitated modules, as well as the duration of fire and flooding on your battleship, by up to 10%.

Unique skill: Sardegnian Discipline

Decrease flood and splash damage for your battleship by up to 8%.

Each Commander drops from the Azur Lane III crate with duplicate protection, meaning you're not going to get the same Commander until you have them all. When you do have them all, you’ll get Personal Commendations instead. 




Great AA suite? Check.

Solid armament? Check.

Unleashing a ton of steel your foes' way? You betcha.

This Cleveland-class cruiser is a tough one!



A torpedo machine, Yukikaze is a scary opponent. Strike, hide, survive, and strike again! 

Please note: Azur Lane Yukikaze is not an identical copy of Yukikaze. 



Avrora is a Russian protected cruiser that fights in a very straightforward way. A garland of guns around the hull makes for a warm, if not hot, welcome for any Tier II foe!

All things Avrora are available through a dedicated free bundle that includes the ship with the Northern Parliament flag and a special mission that offers the Commander herself as a reward.


Azuma skin for Azuma


Make Azuma look even better with this skin. You can acquire the ship herself in the Store for 750,000 Global XP.

Shoukaku skin for Shōkaku


Flying high in the sky requires style. This Shoukaku skin is exactly that. The ship is available through the tech tree line of Japanese carriers at Tier VII. 

Littorio skin for Roma


The tricolor of the Sardegna Empire provides a great look for Roma. If you don't own the ship, you can pick her up in the Store for 750,000 GXP.

Enjoy the variety of the Azur Lane content, and turn the tide!

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