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Viva La Dirt League collaboration


Come one, come all! We’re introducing our all-new collaboration with Viva La Dirt League, centered around their Epic NPC Man hit series. Along with a special patch and flag, we're bringing in three Commander guises, and, for the first time—those come with unique voiceovers. To get all of them, pick up and complete the Epic NPC Man's Quest free mission in the Store. The mission expires on June 20.

The following characters will be available as guises:

  • Greg the Garlic Farmer


    Greg the Garlic Farmer is a legendary shopkeeper and a staple of the Honeywood community. Although he is but a humble garlic farmer, sometimes he ventures out into the world just like his late Grandfather did. Greg is a sweet guy, but that may change in a second while Baradun is around or if he decides that enough is enough!

  • High Sorcerer Baradun


    No one knows why High Sorcerer Baradun is such a complicated guy. Anyway, according to Greg the Garlic Farmer, he's great, super powerful, and defeated a bunch of orks and even a dragon! Also, Baradun doesn't forego any chances to point out how humble he is. Lovely character, all in all!

  • Bodger the Blacksmith


    Bodger the Blacksmith is Honeywood's blacksmith (no surprises here) and the owner of a marvelously thick Scottish accent. Once just a blacksmith, he was later promoted to quest giver—and his quest is bigger than yours, alright? He’s often seen spending time with his best frenemy and neighbor Greg the Garlic Farmer, much to the dismay of the latter.

The guises bring blue-colored shell tracers, signal flares when sounding horns, and fireworks that are visible to your teammates whenever your Legendary skills activate. This time, every guise is compatible with historical and event Commanders of every nation (excluding collaboration Commanders). 

Don't forget that each and every day is "a nice day for fishing," and turn the tide! 

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