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Sailing United: Pan-European Destroyers Arrive in Early Access


Captains, brace yourselves—the Pan-European fleet is here and ready to show off its capabilities. The all-new destroyer line, reinforced by two new Commanders, is all set in the welcoming waters of Early Access. Let's check out the details. 

Researchable Destroyer Line


Checking in with the Early Access framework, everything works as it used to—you can get the Pan-European destroyers, from Tier III Klas Horn to Tier VI Skåne, in special crates, both regular and Big ones. Pan-European Destroyer Big Crates have the guarantee system active, meaning a ship will drop at least once per each 20 containers opened. The Tech Tree ships are also reinforced by Tier VII Friesland*, so if you plan on acquiring her, make sure to pick up some of these neat-looking blue boxes. There's another option to do that—Friesland is available in the Store for 750,000 Global XP. To check the exact drop rates, please visit https://wowslegends.com/containers/. Tier I cruiser Gryf and Tier II destroyer Romulus, which reside at the branch's start, are available for credits from the get-go, with Romulus unlocking after Gryf is maxed out.

*You'll get an Early Access ship (Tiers III–VI) at least in every 20th crate Pan-European Destroyer Big Crate opened; the threshold for Friesland is 30 containers. 

The Early Access ships come with personal missions—one for each, available to complete until August 29, 2022, with doubloons and Commander progression items as rewards. Tier VII Östergötland, topping the branch, as usual for Tier VII ships of Early Access lines, will arrive with the new update, marking the ships as being available to unlock through the Tech Tree.


There's a way to get something for her beforehand, too: Forest assignment in the Campaign & Missions tab will reward an exclusive permanent camouflage, with the prize dropping as soon as the next update hits. It requires all the Early Access ships (Tiers III-VI) unlocked to complete, and can be finished till July 25.

Tier III Klas Horn

Klas Horn was a destroyer built in Sweden during the early 1930s. In September 1941, she was sunk during the Hårsfjärden disaster along with her sister ship Klas Uggla, but she was able to be raised and repaired using parts from her sister. Klas Horn served in the Swedish Navy from 1932 until 1958.

Tier IV Visby


During World War II, the Swedish Navy built the Visby class destroyers to protect Swedish neutrality. These ships featured an improved armament arrangement and very high speeds. Visby underwent major reconstruction in 1964, and she went on to serve until 1982. 

Tier V Västerås

During the development of the Grom-class destroyers, Poland reached out to Swedish shipbuilders for designs. Västerås is based off the Swedish submission, which was deemed unsatisfactory and never built. Poland instead chose a British design that became destroyers Grom and Błyskawica.

Tier VI Skåne


Skåne is based off of preliminary designs for the Öland-class destroyers of Sweden. Her defining feature was the addition of dual-purpose main battery armament that provided greater anti-aircraft firepower.

*- guarantee for her is set to 30 containers maximum, keep this in mind, as it means she cannot be a guaranteed drop before the early access ships.

Two New Commanders

A new line calls for officers to helm the ships, of course. Two new Commanders are going to join Jerzy Świrski to form the Pan-European roster. Conrad Helfrich is your base Commander, who you'll acquire with any ship of the line, while Ericsson and Świrski will be available via regular Commander crates and for 900,000 Commander XP in the Store. 

Conrad Helfrich


Base Trait: Vespiary

Increase your ship's AA damage by up to 5% and increase maximum movement speed by up to 3%.

Helfrich is a multifaceted Commander and a fitting choice for destroyers with his flexible base trait. 

Stig Hansson Ericson


Base Trait: Thunderbolt

Increase your destroyer's torpedo damage by up to 3% and decrease the cooldown time of Engine Boost by up to 3%.

More powerful torps, and even more speed with the enhanced Engine Boost reload. What more could a destroyer Captain ask for?

Mr. Ericson also has access to a skill previously available only to Vincent Mordoff of Rust 'n' Rumble fame—Sheltered Arms. The skill reduces the chances of main guns and torpedo launchers being destroyed by up to 100%.

Öland Arrives With Friesland & Błyskawica Returns 

Tier VI Premium destroyer Öland


All-new Öland, with the upcoming Through the Spy Glass feature, is lurking somewhere near as well. Repair Party, powerful AA (Defensive AA Fire consumable included), and fast torps—she's a great pickup. Beware that there's no access to Smoke Generator, though. Öland will be available starting May 23, and she doesn't like being mistaken for Orkan! 

Tier VII Premium destroyer Friesland


The co-star of last year's Halloween campaign is back at it. You can get this powerful gunboat from Pan-European Destroyer Big Crates and regular ones. As we stated above, the guarantee system is active for the Big ones, so just in case you're the unluckiest player alive, you're still gonna get exactly Friesland after opening at most 110 crates—and all four of the Early Access destroyers, too. The alternative to that is picking her up in the Store for 750,000 Global XP. 

Picking up Friesland makes sense if you're into dishing out as much damage as possible. She does that well with her guns, which are very solid for a destroyer. They can boast of having a lightning-fast reload, too.  

Tier VI Premium destroyer Błyskawica


One more fan-favorite in the form of famed Błyskawica is here again, too. Go to the Store to find her. 

Master the Pan-European destroyers, and turn the tide!

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