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Coupons and You

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Captain, as you might have gathered from the patch notes, we’re starting to offer coupons to make your purchases in the Store more lucrative.

Coupons are quite easy to use! Once you get one (or multiple), you can browse your coupons by pushing the left stick in the Store. There are currently three types of coupons:

  • Extra goods with your purchase: these coupons increase the return on your purchase. For example, a sum of doubloons will be provided in addition to those purchased in a package, so you can buy a pack of 5,625 and double the amount by using a coupon.
  • Fixed discount: these usually discount your purchase by a particular amount of doubloons. For example, a coupon might offer a discount of 1,000 doubloons on Tier V and higher ships.
  • Percentage discount: as the name suggests, this type of coupon applies a percentage-based discount to your potential purchases.

To use a coupon, you can either find a bundle via the coupon screen or see if any of your coupons are applicable to an item when looking at that item’s overview. We advise using the first method, as it provides a better understanding of what the coupon is valid for.

Each coupon has an expiration date, so make sure to keep an eye on this once you have one. The timer is displayed much like with other timed entities in our game, on the bottom of the coupon description window.

Happy couponing, and Turn the Tide!

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