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Service Costs

Service Cost

The service fee is deducted from your account for refueling and preparing a ship for battle. The amount is fixed per each tier and is not affected by whether your ship perished in battle or not.

The total service cost is subtracted from your earnings once a battle ends. If you're low on credits and don’t have enough to cover it, you may not be able to take that particular ship back into battle before earning more.
Keep in mind that on top of the service cost, any ammunition spent in battle is also applied as a fee, but such expenses usually equate to around 5–10% of the respective service cost.

This information is displayed on the Battle Results screen. Check out the Economy tab to gauge your credit earnings, ship service expenses, and the total amount of credits received.


The credit values are fixed. Premium ships have slightly discounted service costs at Tiers V–VI in addition to their increased earnings.

  • Tier VII: 160,000
  • Tier VI: 101,250
  • Tier V: 28,750
  • Tier IV: 15,000
  • Tier III: 8,750
  • Tier II: 6,250
  • Tier I: 0

Higher tiers have higher service costs. The total credit balance after battles playing higher tier ships may sometimes even be negative, depending on your performance. The purpose of this is to avoid making ships of higher tiers the game’s ultimate focus, and to ensure that the lower-tier ships of your roster are still enjoyed, Captain!

If you find yourself lacking credits, the safest way to make some would be to go back to Tier V—at this level, even average games are fruitful. Alternatively, you could also kick some aft with a Tier VI ship. Additionally, credit boosters, whether common, rare, or epic, are always an efficient way of boosting your income. Use them wisely!

We hope this article will be helpful to you. See you in battle, Captains!

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