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Through the Spy Glass: Lüshun

Between 1949 and 1956, the U.S.S.R. and China engaged in a scientific and technical cooperation program. Under it, the Soviets shared technical documentation on the Project 41 destroyer, sometimes referred to as the Neustrashimy class, which was designed for the realities of post-World War II warfare. While China didn't build any ships of the Soviet project in its original form, they created several 051-class (Luda-class) missile destroyers that were based on it. Lüshun is a hypothetical warship based on the original Project 41.


Lüshun boasts rapid-firing main battery guns with a decent firing range. The artillery is housed in 360-degree rotating turrets and can deliver high damage output if you keep your guns trained on a target. She's also equipped with stealthy deepwater torpedoes that allow you to execute devastating ambushes. Her consumables include practical tools such as Sonar and Repair Party. 

For maximum efficiency, consider the following ship upgrades: 

  • Aiming Systems Mod. 1 
  • Propulsion Mod. 2 
  • Concealment System Mod. 1 
  • Main Battery Mod. 3 


We suggest the following Commander: Deng Shichang with his Quantum of Solace base trait, increasing torpedo damage and ship concealment by up to 3%.

For the skill selection: 

  • Contact Is Imminent, increasing the speed of your torpedoes by up to 4 kts. 
  • Look at Me Now, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to 6%. 
  • Back in Stock, improving your torpedo launcher reload time by up to 8%. 
  • Knuckle Duster, reducing the detectability of your torpedoes by up to 100 m and increasing their chances of incapacitating enemy ship modules. However, it also reduces torpedo damage by up to 10%.
  • Unstoppable, improving your engine repair time by up to 15% and allowing for reduced mobility with a disabled engine/rudder. 

For inspirations: 

  • William Sims, increasing your ship's HP by up to +3,200.
  • Erich Bey, improving your destroyer's concealment by up to 4%. 

Turn the tide with Lüshun! 

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