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Clans: Are We There Yet?


In short: no, we're not. As you may have gathered, in this post, we’re going to share the reasons why the Clan feature hasn't graced the waters of Legends yet. Let's see.

To start from the beginning, we have to talk about the groundwork for the feature. First, we've had to unify our servers so that any players who decide to band together don't experience a change in ping and are connected tightly, no matter what platform they are using. The initial step toward that unification was to move players to a bigger and better, but single server. These are the various actions that were taken for that move, listed in order:

  • Merging the account database that includes all the content and progress.
  • Rerouting all services, including login, Store goods invoicing, notifications, account creation and deletion and, of course, platform (Xbox and PlayStation) interaction.
  • The whole enterprise also required a new hardware setup.

The unification process has been successfully completed—the long maintenance in the middle of October happened exactly to accommodate that.

Let's get a little technical here, so you can get a bit of insight into our routine. This is what the merger required from our team:

  • Deliver the hardware. The Suez Canal blockage did not help one bit.
  • Turn it on and set it up.
  • Create account migration scripts, test them, fix those scripts after testing, retest...
  • "Teach" all the services to use the newly minted single server instead of the old two, test them, fix after testing, retest, and so on and so forth.
  • Test the account migration on our Supertest server... aaaaaaand fix it again and, you guessed it—retest.
  • Test migration on the Live Server. Don't worry, we used dummy accounts and then our own before we ever dared to think about yours!
  • Finally, allocate the time and do the final push, i.e. the actual maintenance with database merger.

Keeping the content and progress of your accounts was of the utmost importance to us, and to our knowledge, supported by extensive analytics, we were indeed successful. This whole thing took us from April to October. 

Now, let's talk about the status of cross-platform Divisions!

We're currently working on the following:

  • X-platform player search
  • X-platform friending
  • X-platform blocking

All these functions have to be platform compliant. Finally, all the new functions have to be fleshed out in the interface. With all that in mind, we're targeting February/March 2022.

The next logical thing is, of course, Clans. Bear in mind that we're not necessarily calling the feature exactly that, but for the purposes of this text, we will. 

There are a few things we have to do after x-platform Divisions are introduced to give you Clan functionality:

  • Create a management tool.
  • Create a "Clan Base," which will not be a copy of the PC version. There are various reasons why, with the chief among them being the web implementation they use, which may not be optimal, especially for those of you who use consoles to browse the pages.
  • Create motivation(s) for players to join Clans, including perks, ranks and, you guessed it, Clan Battles.

Bearing all that in mind, there's unfortunately no estimated time of delivery for the feature yet, as some parts of the development may prove more difficult than we currently foresee. For that reason, we'll refrain from stating any dates for now, but we will keep you posted. Hopefully, this gives you a bit of insight into what's taking so long. 

Meanwhile, see you on the high seas, and turn the tide! 

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