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Independence Day: Fireworks & BB(Q)s


Captains, it's time to celebrate freedom! The traditional 4th of July festivities are coming in hot this update—here's the full list of activities and content waiting for y'all to check out!

Dum Spiro Spero


This free mission, obtainable in the Store from June 23 through July 18, provides American Tier III Premium battleship South Carolina as the final reward. To get her and the other goods, make sure to complete the assignment by July 25. This dreadnought with eight powerful guns is covered in the Through the Spy Glass article as well. 

Store Discounts

If you're interested in BBs (and BBQs, too?), there's more we can offer! Discount for Alabama; Oklahoma; and the comeback of last summer's campaign ship, Georgia, are on the table, as well as rotating XXL bundles and themed camos for a wider selection of ships. Check the Store each week to get hold of the full range of goods!

Lucky Six campaign


This update's campaign—Lucky Six—focuses on Tier VII Premium destroyer Black and Tier V Premium aircraft carrier Independence. You can get one of those American ships if you have an active Admiralty Backing and complete the campaign. If you want to add the ship you don't pick to your collection, you can also do that for 10,000 doubloons. You can read more about that fabulous duo in a dedicated issue of “Through the Spy Glass,” which provides gameplay tips (including suggested Commander builds) and historical details.

Windroses for USN ships

Prizes just for winning? Sign us up! You can get the following one-time bonuses for each first win playing American ships of Tiers from IV to Legendary Tier from July 4 through 25:

  • Tech Tree ships of Tiers IV–VI: 1x “Red, White, and Blue” camo
  • Tech Tree ships of Tier VII: 1x Summer Big Crate
  • Premium ships of Tiers IV and V: 2x “Red, White, and Blue” camos
  • Premium ships of Tier VI: 2x Promotion Orders
  • Premium ships of Tier VII: 3x Promotion Orders
  • Legendary Tier ships: 2x Summer Big Crate

Liberty Package

More free goodies, oh yeah! Pick up this bundle from your platform store starting June 29 to get the following set of in-game items:

  • 4 days of Premium Account
  • 10x “Red, White, and Blue” camos
  • 10x Rare Ship XP Boosters
  • 10x Rare Commander XP Boosters
  • 10x Rare Global XP Boosters
  • 10x Rare Credit Boosters
  • 10x Rare Battle Boosters

Special Bureau Project


The “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” time-limited* Project offers gorgeous skins for Tier VII cruisers Baltimore and Cleveland as its final reward, along with more themed content on the path to those—namely, Stars and Stripes permanent camos. Make sure to finish it by July 25!

*These words are important! This Project will not get deprecated—it will be removed from the Bureau altogether instead. Make sure to get South Carolina as early as you can for boosting the Project, and keep in mind that USS Black and USS Independence can also significantly speed up your progress.

New Port


This time, we’re traveling to the Philippines! Spending time in the sun with your favorite ships has never looked as chill!

Celebrate Independence Day with us, and turn the tide!

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