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Metal on the Waves: Megadeth Collab

Captains, a new collab is here, and it's as deafening as it gets! Bid a heavy welcome to MEGADETH! Let's check out what you can get and how.

American Tier IV Premium Cruiser Rattlehead


It's time to rock the seas! This magnificent piece of metal is a true menace on the high seas. Largely based on Marblehead, Rattlehead features tweaks to her main battery reload and firing range, and her torpedoes both reload and travel faster. She offers quite multifaceted gameplay and looks cool at the same time! The ship is available via a free bundle in your platform store; it's available via the in-game Store if you're a mobile player.

Commander Guises


Two new Commander guises are coming our way as well! One of them is Dave Mustaine, the sharp-looking leader of Megadeth, the other one is his alter ego—Vic Rattlehead, looking terrifyingly terrific! Both guises are compatible with any US non-event Commander. You can get both by completing the Rocking Seas mission, available through the same bundle as the ship. 

Flag & Patch

A dedicated flag, coming alongside a patch symbol and background, will be obtainable through our socials. Keep an eye on them!

Rock on with Megadeth, and turn the tide!

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