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Bureau: Triple Strike

This update brings a triple reinforcement to the Bureau. Let's break down this trio of free projects!

Italian Legendary Battleship Cristoforo Colombo


This ship is a design that never materialized, based on the Vittorio Veneto class (and also a battleship project for the U.S.S.R.), with a displacement of 42,000 tons. The planned increase of firepower was to be achieved by sheer number of guns: quadruple-gun turrets with 15-inch (381 mm) guns were in development in the late 1910s and early 1920s.

The in-game Cristoforo Colombo is a very well-protected artillery platform, carrying as many as 16 guns! Between having access to Exhaust Smoke Generator AND 6.5 km-ranged SAP, this battleship is a really dangerous adversary!  

French Legendary Cruiser Henri IV


Based on a project of heavy cruiser, presented to the French authorities in the spring of 1940, thus free of treaty limitations due to the World War II outbreak, Henri IV is a powerful heavy cruiser with high speed and mighty guns. 

Henri IV, a powerful heavy cruiser, features a handful of very distinctive features. First, she boasts 16 km base range on her nine 9.4-inch (240 mm) main battery guns, with 2 charges of Main Battery Reload Booster available. You can also deliver those basically wherever you want, with one of the highest speeds among top-Tier cruisers, even further reinforced by 2 charges of Engine boost.  

Pan-European Legendary Tier Destroyer Halland


The Halland-class destroyers were a set of large, modern destroyers built for the Swedish and Colombian navy in the 1950s, and served into the 1980s. She was armed with incredible dual purpose 4.7-inch (120 mm) guns with a high rate of fire and a heavy anti-aircraft battery. Famously, Halland was among the first surface ships to carry anti-ship missiles in service. 

With rapid reload, Halland can provide almost unstoppable rain of shells, with a decent fire-setting chance. Fast torpedoes, with rapid reload as well, and mighty (for a destroyer) AA suite, boosted by the Defensive AA Fire consumable, make Halland a very well-rounded choice, capable of many things at once.  

Research the new projects and turn the tide! 

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