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Through the Spy Glass: Haida

Haida is a Tribal-class destroyer named after the Haida people, an indigenous group from the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. She was constructed for the Royal Canadian Navy and commissioned in 1943, designed specifically to fight heavily armed destroyers of other navies. Unlike the British ships in the series launched before World War II, she was built with enhanced anti-aircraft defenses at the cost of losing one of her main battery mounts. 

Haida served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1943 through 1963 and took part in World War II and the Korean War. While she was active in the Second World War, Haida was the ship in the Canadian Navy that sank the most significant tonnage of enemy vessels, which is why she is often called "The Fightingest Ship in the Royal Canadian Navy." 


Haida's main guns are fast-firing and have good range. Among her other advantages are excellent concealment, allowing her to get closer to enemies for ambushes, and a good HP pool, which adds to her survivability in battle. Unlike most other destroyers, she's also equipped with secondary armament. 

Here is the optimal set of ship upgrades: 

  • Aiming Systems Mod. 1 
  • Propulsion Mod. 2 
  • Concealment System Mod. 1 
  • Main Battery Mod. 3 


We suggest the following Commander: Leonard W. Murray with his Part of Something Bigger base trait, improving your ship's maximum HP by up to 4% and maximum movement speed by up to 1.5%. 

Recommended skills: 

  • Burn it Down XXL, increasing the chances of your HE shells and bombs causing fire by up to 2%. 
  • Look at me Now, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to 6%. 
  • On Second Thought..., reducing your main battery reload time by up to 5% and shell type switching time by up to 55% if all main battery guns are fully loaded. 
  • Smoke on the Water, improving your smoke dispersion and deployment time by up to 8%. 
  • Unstoppable, improving your engine repair time by up to 15% and allowing for reduced mobility with a disabled engine/rudder.

Recommended inspirations: 

  • Erich Bey, improving your destroyer's concealment by up to 4%. 
  • William Sims, increasing your ship's HP by up to 3,200.

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