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Update and Bureau FAQ

Greetings, Legends! While our patch notes may have covered most concerns and inquiries that you have raised up until now, we felt that there were definitely other topics to address—especially in relation to the Bureau. So, we’ve collected most of the questions related to that specific topic and compiled them in an FAQ.

Q: Are all the Projects going to be available from the start?
A: All the Projects we’re releasing will be available for research, but expect them to be "blocked" by the "intro" Project.

Q: Does Premium Account have an impact on how many Projects you can run at the same time?
A: Yes, you can run two instead of one when you have active Premium Account time.

Q: How does the daily login requirement work?
A: Research will continue for a period of 24 hours after your last in-game activity.

Q: If you choose a ship for the fleet bonus or a Commander as a Patron, will you still be able to play/appoint said ship/Commander?
A: Yes.

Q: What ship tiers do we need for the fleet slot in order to speed up research? Is it the same for all Segments?
A: Most ships will be eligible for fleet support sooner or later.

Q: Do Commanders’ ranks have an impact on the progression speed?
A: No, but he must have attained particular minimum rank in order to be a Patron.

Q: How do you choose a mission for a Project?
A: Missions can be chosen in the said Project and then be completed. They aren’t displayed in the Campaign & Missions tab.

Q: Do the daily trials get reset every day if your Stage hasn’t been completed?
A: They do. Remember to reactivate them if you weren’t able to complete a trial in your previous session.

Q: If you want to abandon/switch a Project, does your progress get saved or reset (in case you want to pick it up again)?
A: All progress is saved. There are no penalties if you want to pick it up again.

Q: How many doubloons will it cost to boost a single Project from start to finish?
A: This will heavily depend on the project type. For the three Projects to come, expect around 1,700 doubloons per stage, for a maximum of 3,400 per segment. So count the number of segments in a project and multiply by that figure. This number may also vary, so any end results are not final.

Q: How long would it take to unlock the final reward if you complete all missions/play every day?
A: For a Project without any boosters: ~ 6 months / Project with max free boosters: ~ 2 months / Project with doubloon boosts: ~ 25­–40 days. However, the initial Projects will stretch on a bit longer as there are no Patrons available this Update.

Q: What happens to your second active Project if your Premium Account time runs out? 
A: Your second Project (the one that sits lower in the interface) gets paused, and any progress is saved.

Q: Is there a way for us to see the stats of the ships? I want to know what I’m researching.
A: We’ll share the stats publicly prior to the end of May.

Q: Is it possible to play in a Division with Tier VII ships when playing a Legendary ship?
A: No, you can only play in a Division with other Legendary-Tier ships.

Q: What are the earnings and service cost modifiers for Legendary ships? If they are more expensive to service, will they also have increased earnings?
A: A Legendary ship will require a baseline of 200,000 credits to be serviced. Your earnings can be higher if you attack other Legendary ships.

Q: Does Großer Kurfürst have access to an alternate 420 mm armament?
A: Yes, 420 mm guns are available as a separate module. Other ships (Atago/Yūdachi) will receive alternative options for their torpedoes as well.

Q: Yamato is known for her powerful anti-torpedo protection. What is the actual in-game value of that?
A: Yamato's anti-torpedo protection is 55%.

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